No.9 (2000)

Antidumping and Competition Policy

Sadao Nagaoka, “Which is Anticompetitive, Dumping or Antidumping Measures?”
Toshimitsu Kitagawa, “Antidumping Legal Regime: Existing Structure and Emerging Trade”
Soichiro Sakuma, “The Capital Intensive Industry and Antidumping Measures”

International Cooperation Issues

Masahiro Murakami, “Bilateral Antitrust Cooperation Agreements in the International Enforcement of Competition Laws”
Yoshio Ohara, “Comments on Professor Masahiro Murakami’s Paper”
Katsuhiko Oku, “Japan-EU Mutual Recognition Treaty”
Katsuro Yamachi, “Comments on Director Katsuhiko Oku’s Paper”

WTO and Non-Trade Concerns

Ichiro Araki, “The Treatment of Non-Trade Concerns in the Dispute Settlement Procedure”
Tamotsu Takase, “Comments on Director Ichiro Araki’s Paper”
Hyuck-Soo Yoo, “Development Policy of Developing Countries and International Trade System: Legal Status of Developing Countries in the WTO”
Ryuichi Ida, “Comments on Professor Hyuck-Soo Yoo’s Paper”

Current Issues

Mitsuo Matsushita, “Non-Trade Issues and the Future of WTO: An Overview”

Book Reviews