No.6 (1997)

Legal Control of Technology

Moriya Uchida, “The Development of Technology and International Order”
Junji Nakagawa, “The Convention on Biological Diversity and International Legal Regulation of Technology”
Naoki Koizumi, “Parallel Import and International Intellectual Property Rights”
Toshifumi Hienuki, “Japan’s Legal Treatment of the Parallel Imports of Patented Products”
Akira Negishi, “International Technology Licensing and Competition Law”

Post-Uruguay Round Issues

Jun’ichi Eto, “WTO/GATT and General International Law: Unilateral Measures against Matters outside the Scope of WTO/GATT”
Takahiro Nishida, “Discipline on Government Procurement in WTO”
Satoshi Morimoto, “Economy and Security”
Tsuyoshi Kawase, “Legal Adjustment between Free Trade and Global Environmental Protection in WTO”
Kozo Kawai, “The Current Status of the Discussion concerning ‘Trade and Investment”

Book Reviews