No.5 (1996)

Problems of the WTO Agreements and Their Domestic Implementation

Mitsuo Matsushita, “The WTO and Methods of Harmonizing Economic Institutions”
Satoru Taira, “Direct Applicability of the WTO Agreements”
Nobuo Monnya, “WTO-TRIPs Agreement and Critical Analysis of Its Enforcement in Some Major Countries”
Tadayoshi Honma, “TRIPs Agreement’s View of the 21st Century World”
Norio Komuro, The WTO Antidumping Agreement and Its Implementation in the United States and the European Union”
Sadatoshi Shimizu, “Agreement on Agriculture of the WTO”
Yutaka Taniguchi, “WTO Dispute Settlement Procedure and Unilateral Measures: A Case Study”

Current Issues

Masashi Yamate, “Some Tendencies in the Interpretation of the Vienna Sales Convention”
Nobuyuki Yasuda, “’Asian Way’ in the Dispute Resolution Process of APEC”

Book Reviews