The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)

Isamu Mamiya, “Introduction by the Chairperson”
Junji Nakagawa, “The Background and the Significance of TPP”
Teiji Hayashi,  “The Background and the Significance of TPP <Comment>”
Kazuhiro Yamashita, “TPP and Revitalization of Japanese Agriculture”
Jun Kazeki, “The Recent Development and Future of International Trade Rules and Industrial Competitiveness Regarding Economic Partnership Agreement and WTO Agreements in Particular on Governmental Assistance and Industrial Subsidies
Masao Sakata, “Fair and Equitable Treatment in Recent Arbitral Awards “

Unfair Competition in the Age of Internationalization

Yasuto Komada, ” Introduction by the Chairperson”

Koji Deguchi, “The Applicable Law to an International Act of Unfair Competition”

Kazuko Jitsukawa, “Parallel Proceeding and International Jurisdiction”

Tsuyoshi Uchida, “Relationship between Protection of Trade Secrets Relating to Technology and Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights”

Current Issues

Kenta Hirami, “The Principles of Non-discrimination and Reciprocity in International Trade Law: From ‘Separation’ to ‘Combination'”

Tomoko Ishikawa, “Sovereign Debt Reconstructings in Investment Treaty Arbitration
Daisueke Mori, “Economic Analysis of the Lex Loci Delicti  Choice-of- law Rules in the U.S.”

Akira Negishi, “Condolence to Ex-President, Professor Akira Kotera”