Nationalism over Resources and International Law

Keiichi Yokobori, “Introduction by the Chairperson”

Maki Nishiumi, “Contemporary Meaning of the Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Wealth and Resources”

Kazuhiro Nakatani, “Pipeline Disputes and International Economic Law: Case Study on the Russia-Ukraine Gas Disputes”

Kazuo Tosa, “Applicability of Competition Laws to Export Restriction Measures Based on Nationalism over Natural Resources: Can We Resolve Disputes on Battles for Control of Natural Resources through Antitrust Policy”

The North Korean Copyright Case

Mari Nagata, “Introduction by the Chairperson”

Yoko Matruura, “The North Korean Copyright Case: From an International Law Perspective”

Eonsuk Kim, “The North Korean Copyright Case: From a Private International law Perspective”

Hiroya Aoki, “The North Korean Copyright Case: From an Intellectual Property Law Perspective”

Current Issues

Yoshimichi Ishikawa, “Analysis of ‘Treatment No Less Favourable’ under Article 2.1 of the TBT Agreement”

Yoshifumi Fukunaga, “Dispute Settlement Mechanism in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)”

Alisher Umirdnov, “Investment Treaty Arbitration and Protection of Host State’s Discretion Power in Tax Disputes”

Tomoko Kyogoku-Tanabe, “The Meanings and Limits of the WTO Dispute Settlement System: The Implication of US-Cotton Case”

Book Reviews