Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Japan Association of International Economic Law

Akira Kotera, “Greeting by the President”

Tominosuke Miyasaka & Makoto Kuroda, “Congratulatory Addresses by Past Representative Board Members”

Mitsuo Matsushita, Akira Negishi & Noboru Kashiwagi, “Commemorative Speeches”

Peter Muchlinski, “Guest Speech: Multinational Enterprises and International Economic Law – Contesting Regulatory Agendas over the Last Twenty Years”

The Relationship between Market and Government in International Economic Law

Committee of Research Management, Introduction

Hyuck-Soo YOO, “Some Considerations on “Market versus Government” in International Economic Law from the Historical and Structural Perspective”

Fujio Kawashima, “Legal Phenomena and Challenges in International Economic Law concering the Relationship between Market and Government in China : Conflict between Free-Market Countries and State-Capitalist Countries?”

Katsuhiro Shoji, “Economic Governance and EU Law after the Sovereign Debt Crisis”

Keisuke Iida, “Long-Term Challenges in International Legal Order in Economic Affairs : From the Perspective of International Political Economy”

New Frameworks in International Intellectual Property Law

Shigeki Chaen, “Introduction by the Chairperson”

Takayuki Izumi, “Liberalization of Technology Transaction”

Mika Yamana, “Genetic Resource, Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Right System : New Framework for Protection of Proprietary Information ”

Masabumi Suzuki, “Recent Trend and Future Prospect of International Copyright System”

Current Issues

Shigeru Fuwa, “Unilateralism and Multilateralism of Extraterritoriality : International Applicablity of Private Liability of Securities Exchange Regulations”

Takamichi Inose, “Abuse of Right in Decision on Jurisdiction in Investment Treaty Arbitration”

Book Reviews