The Challenges of International Economic Law after the Global Financial Crisis

Yoshiaki Nomura , “Introduction by the Chairperson”

Takeshi Kawana ,”Legal Regulation of Globally Active Financial Institutions – Global Financial Crisis and Systemically Important Financial Institutions – “

Yuri Ide, ”Global Insolvency of Lehman Brothers Group – Issues Arising from Insolvency Proceedings for Cross Border Group Entities –“

Ryozo Himino, “ Standard Setting Process before and after the Global Financial Crisis”

Kazumochi Kometani, “Reactions by International Trade Regime to Global Financial Crisis and Future Issues – Public Philosophy Required for International Economic Law –“

The Building-up of Asian International Economic Order in the Context of the APEC 2010 and the Post-Bogor

Kazuhiro Nakatani,  “Introduction by the Chairperson”

Hiromi  Kabashima, ”APEC in the Global Shift”

Akihiko Tamura, “APEC 2010 – Trade and Investment Agenda in Particular –“

Takashi Kubota, “The ABAC and its Role for the Development of the Asian Financial System”

Current Issues

Testuya Toyoda, “Old and New Globalization and Paradigm Shifts in International Law”

Dai Long, “The Treatments of the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) under China’s Antimonopoly Law”

Hakuichi Cho, “Cross-retaliation in the WTO Dispute Settlement System – Its Compliance-inducement Role and Limits –“


Keisaku Koga, “The Significance of Fiscal Measures under Trade and Investment Law”

Book Reviews