No.18 (2009)

Corporate Activities and the Public Interest in the Global Economy

Satoshi Miura, “The Significance of the United Nations Global Compact: A Governance Perspective”
Takao Suami, “Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection: In the Light of Experience within the EU Environmental Policy”
Noboru Kashiwagi, “National Security and Foreign Investments: Ambiguity of “National Security””

First Session: Private Law Aspects

Kyohei Sakai, “Chinese Antimonopolyact: Its Influence on Activities of Foreign Enterprises”

Second Session: Public Law Aspects

Satoshi Kodera, “The Relationship between MFN and GSP in the GATT/WTO Regime”
Kenichi Kobayashi, “Review of GATT Article XX Chapteau as a Principle of bona fide: Reexamination of Appellate Body Report of Brazil Tyres”

Current Issues

oshiko Naiki, “The Regulatory Framework for GMOs in the EU and the WTO: European Authorization Process and its implication to the WTO Law”
Hiroko Yamane, “Recent Discussions on “Technology Transfer” in the TRIPS Agreement”

Book Reviews