No.17 (2008)

Issues Related to Intellectual Property Protection and Borders

Masabumi Suzuki, “Introduction to the Symposium: Need and Limits of International Harmonization of Intellectual Property Systems”

Yasuto Komada, La condition des auteur étrangers: son évolution et ses probl èmes” 

Koji Minamino, “Japan Customs’ Role in the IPR Protection”

Toshifumi Hienuki, “2004 Copyright Law Legislation on the Import Restriction Measure of Music CD and Japanese Consumers’ Interests”

Resolution and Arbitration of International Investment Disputes

Toshitaka Morikawa, “Relationship between International Law and Domestic Law in ICSID Arbitration”

Akira Kotera, “On the Legal Nature of Investment Agreement Arbitration: What is the Legal Status of Investors in International Investment Agreement?”

Hiroyuki Tezuka, “Investment Treaty Arbitration Practices: A Case Study”

Yasujiro Miyake, “Dispute Settlement under International Investment Agreements: Practice of Japan and a Way Forward”

Tetuso Morishita, “Some Issues on International Investment Arbitration: Umbrella Clause, Appeal Mechanism and Transparency”

Current Issues

Misaki Kodama, “Is the GATT Article XVIII Section C Still Alive?: Reviewing S&D Negotiation in the Doha Development Agenda”

Book Reviews