No.16 (2007)

Blocking Statue of Japan in International Trade Conflicts

Mitsuo Matsushita, “Legal Actions to Recover Treble Damages under the U.S Antidumping Act of 1916 and to Prohibit a Lawsuit in Japan to Recover the Amount Paid in the United States”

Kazuyori Ito, “The Scope and Function of Blocking Statutes in the WTO Dispute Settlement System”

Tetsuya Watanabe, “Japan’s Special Measure Law”

Dai Yokomizo, “Transaction Disputes and Blocking Statutes: Analysis from Viewpoint of Conflict of Laws”

Soichiro Sakuma, “ A Practical Analysis of the “Special Measure Law Concerning the Obligation to Return the Profits Obtained under the United States Antidumping Act of 1916” and the Need for Legislation against the Exterritorial Application of Economic Laws”

First Session: Public Law Aspects

Taro Hamada, “ The Least-Developed Countries in the WTO: A Reexamination of the Dualist Approach”

Jun Matsukuma, “The Legality of Economic Sanctions Reconsidered: The Issue of Humanitarian Exemptions of Sanctions”

Hiroko Yamane, “TRIPS Interpretation:Relevance of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties”

Second Session: Private Law Aspects

Takayuki Soda, “New Development of Private Competition Law Litigation in EU”

Kazushige Ogawa, “ Recognition and Enforcement of Annulled Arbitral Awards: Giving a Second Thought in the Changing Circumstances of International Commercial Arbitration”

Naoe Fujisawa, “Choice-of-law Rules on International Accounts Receivable Financing”

Current Issues

Yuka Aoyagi, “Development of Case Law and Function of Article 86 EC: “Obstruction” of Services of General Economic Interest”

Book Reviews