No.15 (2006)

How Best to Study and Teach International Economic Law and International Business Law in the Face of the New Law School System?

Masato Dogauchi, “Introduction by the Chairperson”
Junji Nakagawa, “The Coverage, Education and Research of International Economic Law in the Face of the New Law School Systems”
Kazumochi Kometani, “The Practitioner’s Comments on Professor Nakagawa’s Paper”
Noboru Kashiwagi, “The Purpose and Scope of International Business Law Education at Law Schools in Japan”
Naoshi Takasugi, “Comments on Professor Kashiwagi’s Paper”

Diverse Perspectives on Law and Economics

Akira Negishi, “Moderator’s Comments, Symposium on Law and Economics”
Toshihiro Matsumura, “Invitation to Economic Analysis of Law”
Noboru Kawahama, “Law and Economics of Antimonopoly Law”
Yoshinori Abe, “Law and Economics in Public International Law”
Yoshiaki Nomura, “Economic Analysis of International Private Law: Problems and Promises”

Current Issues

Takeshi Kawqana, International Legal Framework for Sovereign Debt Restructuring among Multiple Creditors: Towards the Actual Development of Asian Bond Market Concepts”
Yoshiko Naiki, “Reconciling Free Trade and Other Values in the WTO System: Necessity Test under Article XX of GATT”

Book Reviews