No.14 (2005)

Review of the First Decade of WTO:

Mitsuo Matsushita, “WTO at Ten: Its Accomplishments and Prospects”
Daitaro Kishii, “An Appraisal of the GATS”
Kazuhiro Yamashita, “The Issues of the WTO’s on Agreement on Agriculture and the Current Situation and Prospect of DDA Negotiations”
Iwakazu Takahashi, “An Assessment of the Role of the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing”

Achievements and Future Directions of the WTO Dispute Settlement Procedures:

Fujio Kawashima, “The Dimensions of Judicialization of the Dispute Settlement Procedures in the WTO”
Tsuyoshi Kawase, “’Improvements and Clarifications’ of the Dispute Settlement Understanding in the Doha Round”

Unification of Laws and Conflict of Laws:

Akira Takakuwa, “International Uniform Law and Its Application”
Yoshiaki Sakurada, “Unified Laws from the Conflict of Laws Perspectives”
Hiroshi Taki, “On the Relationship between Uniform Substantive Law and Conflict Rules”

Current Issues:

Tetsuya Toyoda, “Formation of the Classical Theory of International Economic Law: Some Reflections on the Genesis and Development of the International Law for Trade Restrictions”

Book Reviews