No.13 (2004)

Development of International Economic Law in Asia
Some Developments of Regional Competition Law in Asia

Mitsuo Matsushita, “Developing Countries and Competition Law and Policy”
Masahiro Murakami, “Development of Asian Competition Laws”
Ohseung Kwon, “Some Issues on the Competition Law Enforcement in Korea”
Tokuhiko Obata, “Development of Competition Laws in East Asian Countries and technical Assistance of the Fair Trade Commission”
Takao Shimizu, “Discussion on Competition Policy Rule in the WTO”

Settlement of International Business Disputes in Asia

Akira Takakuwa, “Settlement of Disputes Arising from International Commerce in East Asian States”
Philip Chan, “Development of Disputes Resolution Framework in ASEAN Countries”
David A. Livdahl, “International Arbitration in PRC”
Masato Dogauchi, “International Commercial Arbitration under Arbitration Act of 2003”

Some Developments of Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia

Arata Yokokawa, “Regional Trade Agreements in Asia”
William J. Davey, “Regional Trade Agreements and the WTO: General Observations and NAFTA Lessons for Asia”
Le Quang Lan, “Regional Trade Integration and Viet Nam’s Policy”
Takao Suami, “Regional Economic Integration in East Asia and Its Legalization”

Book Reviews