No.12 (2003)

Significance and Issues of Safeguard

Akira Kotera, “On the Basic Policy of Safeguard: An Introduction”
Hyuck-Soo Yoo, Safeguard Regime after the Establishment of the WTO System: An Approach from the Perspective of International Economic Law”
Fumio Sensui, “Safeguard Measures: An Approach from Competition Law and Competition Policy”
Fukunari Kimura, “Safeguard Measures: An Approach from Economics and Political Economy”
Hideo Suzuki, “A Review of the Two Cases under the WTO Agreement on Safeguard in Japan”

The New WTO Round

Yorizumi Watanabe, “Road to Cancun, Challenges for the 5th Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization”
Hruo Saburi, “The Present State of Affairs and Problems of WTO”

Current Issues

Hiroko Yamane, “Direct Effect of the WTO Agreements in China”
Taro Hamada, “The Hollowing-out of Special and Differential Treatment Clauses for Developing Countries over Accession Negotiations to the WTO”

Book Reviews