No.11 (2002)

GATS and Regulatory Reform

Jiro Tamura, “GATS and Regulatory Reform: Summary of the Symposium”
Makita Shimokawa, “Negotiations on Trade in Services”
Shingo Seryo, “GATS and Regulatory Reform”
Tatsuya Shinkawa, “Electricity Regulatory Reform in Japan and GATS”
Takeo Kikkawa, “Impacts of GATS and Electric Power Liberalization upon the Japanese Energy Industry”

International Regulation of Transnational Money Laundering

Noriaki Mizuno, “International Measures against Money Laundering”
Junji Nakagawa, “International Regulation of Transnational Money Laundering: From the Viewpoint of International Law and Economic Criminal Law”

TRIPs Agreement: Today’s Issues and Reexamination

Yoshio Ohara, “Medical Patents and Compulsory License under the TRIPs Agreement, in particular, Medicines for AIDS”
Hidetaka Aizawa, “Computer Software under Article 27 of TRIPs”

Book Reviews