No.10 (2001)

Challenge to Non-Trade Concerns and the Future of the WTO

Tominosuke Miyasaka, “’Non-Trade Concerns’ and WTO: Inclusive Remarks around the Measures for GMO”
Mitsuo Matsushita, “Product Safety/Food Safety and the Discipline of the GATT/WTO”
Shin’ichi Ago, “Labour Standards as Rules of International Trade”
Kiyoshi Oshima, “Genetically Modified Crops and Foods”
Hiroaki Kikuchi, “The Biotechnology and the WTO Agreement”

Organization of Global Economy and Bilateral Economic Cooperation

Arata Yokokawa, “New Development of Bilateral Investment Treaties”
Yorizumi Watanabe, “Perspectives of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in the WTO System”

International Issues of Electronic Commerce

Tetsuo Morishita, “Electronic Commerce and Consumer/Investor Protection”
Satoshi Watanabe, “Taxation Issues on Electronic Commerce”

Book Reviews