No.1 (1992)

Introductory Remarks:

S. Imamura, “On the Publication of the International Economic Law
Y. Takano, “My Expectation on the Occasion of the Establishment of the Japan Association of International Economic Law”


S. Kuwata, “On the Concept of ‘International Economic Law’: The Theory of Professor P. Behrens”
T. Takase, “Developing Countries in the GATT”
S. Kitajima, “The Uruguay Round and New Areas”
A. Shimuzu, “Dispute Settlement Procedures in GATT”
N. Komuro, “Anti-circumvention Measures of Major Countries and the GATT Provisions”
A. Tanso, “Legal Problems of Antidumping Law and the Perspective of its Reform”
T.Kitagawa, “International Economic Law and International Trade Law: Corporate Counsel’s Perspective”

Book Reviews